OCTOBER 20th, 2024


Baptism is all about following Jesus. It is a public personal declaration of faith in Him as Lord and Savior. Baptism symbolizes moving from our old life to our new life through faith in Jesus Christ. It is our firm belief that baptism is  the believer’s first step of obedience, as we follow the example of Jesus through baptism; it also one of the most powerful ways we can declare the powerful name of Jesus to the world. Baptism itself does not make us a follower of Jesus Christ, but rather it is a way of saying to the world that we have already decided to follow Jesus. Baptism means being immersed in water which symbolizes that our old self is buried with Christ (going under the water) and being raised out of the water symbolizes our new life in Christ.  


We consider it a joy and a blessing to join with you as you publicly declare your faith in Jesus. Our baptism process has been intentionally designed for you. If you have made the decision to follow Jesus and want to be baptized, please read the following information and complete our baptism application.

  1. Sign Up for Baptism at the NEXT STEPS TABLE on Sunday or email us. After every worship experience at Mosaic, go to the Next Steps Table. This information is helpful to our team to identify you and help you move forward in the process. If you forgot to sign up on Sunday.
    simply email us at mosaiclloyd@gmail.com.
  2. Someone on our team will contact you. Our team will share the upcoming baptism dates and connect you to answer questions and provide information about your baptism.
  3. Get baptized. Baptisms is a huge thing for us so we party and celebrate every individual’s decision to follow Jesus! It is held during our  BAPTISM BASHES scheduled throughout the year! 
Important reminders if you’re getting Baptized: 
1. Please attend the worship experience on Sunday of your baptism at 10:00AM. If you have already signed up, just inform the
    Next Step Volunteers that you are present. If you haven’t signed up previously, inform the Next Steps Volunteers that you want to get
    baptized that day.  
2. Things to Bring. Be sure to bring a change of clothes and a plastic bag for your wet clothes when you come to Mosaic. Towels are provided.
    Ideally, wearing a dark shirt and dark shorts are recommended for baptism for modesty purposes. Since you will be immersed in water
    light-colored or white
apparels could get translucent. You may get Mosaic T-Shirts for free at the Next Steps
    Table .
3. Invite as many friends as you can on your SUPER special day! Baptisms at Mosaic are big celebrations, it’s a great time to let your friends 
    know about your faith in Jesus and your new church community!