be a bringer 1
“Be a bringer.”

That’s our encouragement to everyone at Mosaic– new or old. We believe that Jesus is the Hope of the World and people need to know that. God wants to give everyone the opportunity to encounter Him and receive Jesus as Lord and Savior. As a Christian, God has placed you in your friend’s life as a bridge for them know Jesus. The Bible tells us that God loves all people and that God wants everyone to come to Him, but sometimes, instead of being a bridge to Jesus, you can act as a barrier by not inviting or bringing your friend to Him. I truly believe that God wants to flow through you. You can be a bridge by being a bringer. You can make a huge difference in someone’s life by simply inviting them to Church!

Inviting can sometimes feel awkward, but there are three things we must keep in mind when going for the BIG ASK “Would you like to come with me to Mosaic?” 

1. Everyone will spend eternity somewhere and if you’re obedient, someone will thank you one day for not giving up on them. Every single person you know will eventually spend eternity somewhere. The Bible tells us that there are only two destinations, everlasting life with God or an eternity without God (John 3:35-36). Your friend will spend eternity somewhere…and we need to bring them to Christ so they will not only have a secure place in eternity but also experience God’s amazing love, joy, peace, hope and community here.

2. We should not say “NO” for someone. Truth is, we cannot say “NO” for someone that God wants for your to bring to church. You never entirely know what is going on in your friend’s life and right now may be the BEST time to bring them to Jesus. Once in a while you will have that nudge from the Spirit to invite someone– whether it’s a stranger serving in a restaurant or someone you have known for a while. When you feel that nudge, don’t say NO. We need to kill the following thoughts or assumptions:

          “They would not be interested in coming to church.” 
          “They will think I’m crazy if I talk to them about this.” 
          “Maybe I should just pray that someone else will invite them.”

When you feel the nudge to bring someone, invite that person and kill your negative thoughts or assumptions.  

3. We are accountable for the ASK, but we are not responsible for the ANSWER.  You never know what God is up to.  If you have someone on your mind, a person that you cannot stop thinking about ANYTIME someone mentions inviting someone to church. If you feel that nudge, one thing is for sure–it’s coming from God–because the devil is NOT leading you to share Christ with them and/or invite them to church!  If God is calling you to it then He WILL LEAD YOU THROUGH IT! 

One of my favorite quotes about sharing and inviting is by a man named Bill Bright. He said, “Success in evangelism is simply taking the initiative, relying on the power of the Holy Spirit, and leaving the results to God.” Even though the results or their answer are NOT up to you! Try. If they say NO, keep trying. Never give up. Remember, you are a Christian now because someone did not give up on you. Make it your prayer that you will not be happy while you see empty chairs around you in church.

God has called Mosaic to be a community where people can come and hear the message of Jesus Christ in a way they can understand. It’s as simple as you and I being willing to continually invite people—caring enough about them and the work that God is doing here!

Spend time in prayer asking God who YOU need to invite.  I promise you this– your obedience will result in tremendous blessings, the joy of seeing your invitees come and grow in Jesus!!!

“Be a bringer.”
Excerpts from Newspring Church Blog with annotations by Pastor Jon Las